Sustainability Packaging

Plastic film is playing very important role in packaging industry as one of the best packaging material with its benefits for following:

  • 1. Most economical packaging material.
  • 2. Strong and high protection against moisture, oxygen, dust, lights, odors to prolong shelf life and reduce food waste.
  • 3. Healthier food concept through higher food protection which lead to lessen the use of preservative in food production.
  • 4. Wider distribution coverage to scale up your business size.
  • 5. Light weight to make the transport and logistic cost efficient.

The Innovative Packaging Solution

    Mono Material Concept:

  • 1. Ultra High Barrier and High Barrier BOPP
  • 2. High Sealing Strength BOPP
  • 3. Heavy Duty BOPP.
  • 4. Tenter Frame BOPE.
  • 5. Heat Resistant BOPP


  • 1. Degradable BOPP
  • 2. Degradable BOPET

Those innovative products are intended inline with 4R concept in following acts:

FSSC 22000
FSSC 22000
FSSC 22000
FSSC 22000