Printing and Lamination

Arlene Printing and Lamination film offers superior appearance, excellent printing and lamination quality in both adhesive and extrution lamination. Available in following types:

  • Crystal Clear grade
  • Light Weight Cavitated grade

Arlene Overwrapping film is used for general overwrapping for various application such as tea box, perfume box and other general overwrapping purpose. Available in following grades:

  • Crystal Clear grade
  • Light Weight Cavitated grade
  • Acrylic Coated grade

Arlene Barrier Film available in normal, high, and ultra high barrier performance to give maximum protection from moisture and oxygen to prolong the shelf life of the product, reducing the wastage, extend distribution coverage to reach remote areas. Some of our barrier films have special sealing performance to be used in duplex structure, giving the cost benefit, reduce the total thickness for greener packaging requirements. Available in following types:

  • Premium Metalized grade
  • Clear Performa Coated
Vacuum and Heavy Duty

Arlene Vacuumable Film is engineered to be used as alternative material to substitute nylon in vacuum packaging application such as rice bag, pulses, granules, meat, sausages, etc. Available in following grades:

  • Normal Barrier Performance
  • High Barrier Performance